Review Movie Mumbai Hotel: Honest and cruel to the people

The film Hotel Mumbai is based on a true story, recreating the haunting day that covered all Indians when the city of Mumbai was attacked by Islamic extremists. This was followed by a struggle to save every client's life of the hotel staff against a brutal force, whose mastermind was a mysterious hideer, controlling the information puppets through one. phone.

For a long time, the conflict between India and its neighbor Pakistan was always smoldering, only on fire. Within India, there are also many ethnic and religious conflicts.

Taj Mahal is the largest hotel and symbol of the city of Mumbai, where the financial and cultural focus of India. On the outside, the Taj Mahal is no different than a magnificent long-standing court. Stepping inside we thought we had just arrived in heaven. That is where the terrorists chose to be the last ambush, chosen as the place to shoot, bomb and suicide.

Images of terrorists with young, naive faces but ready to shoot, shoot and kill without hands, do not blink make the viewers chill. They are professionally trained, coordinating attacks across locations in Mumbai, from railway stations, hospitals to restaurants and hotels, making the police forces unable to keep up. The terrorists were brainwashed, brainwashed and controlled by the mastermind via remote phone. In the film there are scenes where two terrorists are surprised when they first see a toilet wiper and a sandwich that shows that these are people who have little contact with civilized society so it is very easy to be used to do bad things. That is what makes Islam extremely dangerous and difficult to treat.

This incident also shows the weakness of Indian intelligence forces, when there was no news before the terrorist attack. Then by the time Mumbai was persecuted, India's anti-terrorist police forces responded too slowly. In Mumbai there is no specialized anti-terrorist force, it takes 12 hours from the place to start the attack, the new task force appears.

The film depicts a catastrophic and genuine terror. But that's only part of the picture, the real scene out there is much more catastrophic.

Hotel Mumbai also clearly depicts the image of love, courage and empathy in the affliction. Hotel employees diligently, professionally work, carefully adjust to the principle: "The customer is God", never abandon customers even in the affair, protect customers even if they have to risk my whole life.

The cast in the 123Movies had a pretty good performance. In it, the Arjun hotel staff (played by Dev Patel) represents smart, brave employees. A symbolic image of the spirit of customer protection at the Tal Mahal Hotel. Images father Jason (Do Armie Hammer) is ready to sacrifice to protect the lives of his wife and children. They are all silent heroes, protecting their relatives, colleagues and customers.

The scene I remember the most in the movie was when a terrorist guarding a hostage pointed a gun at each person, killing one hostage after another. And in that moment, everyone, though different in class, different in ethnicity, suffered the same death. Who you are on your business card doesn't matter anymore. It is nothing before a brutal force.

The music in the film is minimized, instead of the dry sound of the AKs, the grenade explosion sounds horribly loud, the sound of the bullets screaming and crying tragically. The scene of a newborn baby being tightly covered by a nanny to prevent crying, not letting the terrorists discover the location, for safety, pushing emotions, the suppression of the viewer to the top.

Amidst the killings, a song rang. A young terrorist shoots, shoots and kills, and sings, his hometown song, his childhood recollection, will never come back, he knows, he will die , martyrdom. The scene was so tragic.

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